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School Awards

Our day to day DFL award system is the main award system in the school and the children receive treats, Lucky Dips & Medals to reward good behaviour. A summary of how it works is printed below.

The children are also rewarded for attendance at the end of each school year. If a child has full attendance they receive a gold medal, a silver medal is presented for only one day missed and a bronze medal for two days.

Discipline for Learning……a summary

The following is a summary of the Discipline for Learning system as operated in this school. The complete document can be seen in the school.

Discipline for Learning is a system based on positive reinforcement of good behaviours and minimisation of attention to bad behaviours. It concerns every aspect of school life and is therefore difficult to summarise. The system is taught to all new entrants over a period of time and revised with all pupils regularly so that everybody knows what is required of them. It requires huge commitment from staff, pupils and parents but is well worth the effort.

There are 7 in-class rules and 6 out-of-class rules as follows:

In-class rules:

1. Be silent and listen to the person speaking.
2. Be on time and be prepared for class.
3. Do as you are told immediately.
4. Raise your hand and wait quietly for attention.
5. Always do your best and allow others to do the same.
6. Stay seated and be quiet when your teacher is out of the room.
7. Respect everyone and their property.

Out of class rules

1. Do as you are told by all staff immediately.
2. Name calling and bullying are out.  Go to the adult on duty for help.
3. Stay in the school grounds and follow the line-up routine.
4. Obey the lunch routine: i.e. Lunch ------ Toilet ------Play.
5. Walk quietly within the school, No shouting.
6. Rough play, fighting and climbing are out.

Failure to obey the rules will result in the following:

1. Verbal Warning
2. Written Warning
3. Isolation within class
4. Isolation in another class
5. 1st yellow card

Missing a Stamp

When a child reaches 5 in a day the 1st yellow card will involve a letter home with possible lines or worksheets as appropriate. Parents/Guardians will be asked to sign the worksheet to indicate that they have spoken to the child about her bad behaviour.

If a child misses 5 stamps in a day for a second time she receives a 2nd yellow card. This will consist of a letter requesting the presence of a parent/guardian at the school with the child the next school day to discuss the child’s behaviour and strategies to improve it.

If a child misses 5 stamps in a day on a subsequent occasion, in the same term, an automatic suspension of 3 school days will apply and undertakings will be required from both child and parents/guardians in relation to the child’s behaviour before she can be reinstated.

The Rewards

When the children do as they are asked they are rewarded with approval stamps 3 times per day to acknowledge their co-operation. These awards accumulate to give them small treats, lucky dips and ultimately bronze, silver and gold medals. Children can also be awarded special individual awards and certificates. Class awards also form part of the system. The code has special provisions for dealing with instances of serious misconduct. It is vitally important that children accept that they will miss a stamp from time to time. Nobody expects perfection and all that is required is an attitude of co-operation. The support of parents/guardians is essential for the effective working of the system.