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Hill of Allen Trip 5th & 6th Classes

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On November 4th 2015, Fifth & Sixth classes went to the Hill of Allen to see the tower. It was not hard to walk up the hill.We learned all about the history of the hill and the tower. Miss O' Meara organised for a local man called Paddy Behan to talk to us on the trip. He was a lovely man and he told us lots of stories. My favourite story was about a man and his wife. On the top of the hill I found a lovely leaf. Anyway, I had a great time. I got to go up the tower of Allen, it was really cool. There were lots of names on the steps. I saw a Farrell and my surname is Farrell. I saw the Mass rock. I loved the view from the tower, it was so so pretty. I also loved running back down the hill. Thank you to Miss O'Meara and Paddy Behan. Below are some photographs of the day.


 IMG_0766 (1).JPG                         IMG_0768.JPG 

        IMG_4128.JPG                                      IMG_4129.JPG  

                                    IMG_4130.JPG                                             IMG_4132.JPG         

        IMG_4131.JPG                          IMG_4134.JPG     

        IMG_4135.JPG                          IMG_4136.JPG

                                                             IMG_4138.JPG                                                                                                                                                        IMG_4140.JPG